Stewed Windfalls with Hollis Mead Yoghurt and Walnuts

A healthy pud that tastes like autumn. Perfect as those cold nights draw in. The last of the summer’s grass making every yoggy drop rich and creamy.

Cooking Time:
30 minutes
  1. Slice your windfalls and place in a pan with the sugar and water. Cover the pan and put it on the hob over a medium heat. When it comes to the boil, put the timer on for five minutes and leave to cook.

  2. Give your appley broth a good stir, after about four minutes the apple slices will start to dissolve into a gorgeous fluffy mush.

  3. Cook for a further one to two minutes or until the apple is fluffy but a few chunks are still visible.

  4. Taste. Add more sugar if you’re not sweet enough already. Leave to cool then spoon into a bowl. Refrigerate for up to a week… if you can wait that long!

  5. Serve with velvety smooth Hollis Mead Organic Yoghurt and chopped walnuts for a bowl of healthy, organic, deliciousness.

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